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12th January Shropshire Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise
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Print 12th January Shropshire Chamber Of Commerce And Enterprise

12th January at the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise

12th January Events at the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise

Shropshire Chamber of Commerce Essential Sales Skills Course

12th January 2011

Shropshire Chamber of Commerce is offering an essential sales skills course which they say will give you a clear view of what selling is about and how to be successful by adopting and following simple, yet effective, time honoured, methods that are proven to work long term. The course focuses on the needs of customers new and old, treating them the way you would like be treated yourself, means the selling process is easier, more ethical, and sustainable winning sales with respect for both parties. You will gain an understanding of what the professionals know and trust to accelerate their success and keep them at the top of the selling game.

Shropshire Chamber say the course will challenge you to think outside of your box, to consider others and their needs firstly, to adopt new processes and procedures whilst giving you opportunities to progress towards becoming a sales professional who can achieve results.

The course content will include:

  • Understand the importance of the sales role to a business
  • Define the 5 keys to sales success
  • Apply the 3 by 3 listening concept
  • Apply questioning to build agreement platforms
  • Understand Sales behaviours
  • Learn the selling steps and processes
  • The open approach to decisions and wins
  • This Course will:

  • Give delegates an understanding of the importance of sales and the selling role within a business.
  • Help delegates to recognise both the visible and invisible processes used when selling.
  • Provide delegates with the confidence to generate and 'win' sales agreements.
  • By the end of this course, using any support materials available, delegates will be able to:

  • Define the role of a sales person and the selling processes typically found within a business organisation.
  • Describe a strategy for prospecting and qualifying sales leads.
  • Apply sales focused listening and questioning techniques to qualify and win business
  • Use an open method to deal with customer objections.
  • Use a number of methods for closing sales Who is the course aimed at?
  • Individuals with little or no experience of selling, new to a sales role.
  • Individuals who require formalised understanding of their existing sales knowledge to accelerate their success.
  • New sales teams with a need to establish a common understanding of selling techniques and methods.
  • Shropshire Chamber say this course is designed for anyone with a new responsibility for selling who wants to improve his or her sales close rate and build a firm foundation for success.

    Small business owners may also find the course useful especially if they are striving to develop their company further and especially a sales team.

    The Course will be held at the Training Rooms at Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, Trevithick House, Stafford Park 4, Telford, Shropshire, TF3 3BA. Lunch and Refreshments provided and you can park for free.

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    12th January Shropshire Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise
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