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Website Evaluation and Website Testing

Website Evaluation and Website Testing

Website Evaluating and Website Testing is an essential part of any pre website full launch strategy because it is important to iron out any bugs or faults that maybe in the system prior to live customers or website users visiting the website.

All new website owners need to thoroughly test their new website systems and use them as their potential customers or website users would and experience what they would experience. This way the website owner will truly understand how the system works and make any modifications needed.

What are website bugs?

Website bugs are simply there because the work has not been completed fully to the standard required, this does not necessarily mean that it is shoddy work but in fact it could be more a lack of best practice in pre customer delivery testing. In many industries products are delivered then a snag list is produced and only then will final and full payment be made. Ensure you have this covered either in your contract to supply or a payment retention to ensure the work is finished to the standard required.

Website Evaluation Website Testing

Why would a new website have bugs or faults?

Sometimes due to the complex nature of website code certain finishing off areas are missed, this is extremely common worldwide just ask anyone you know who has had a website system produced. Companies that offer best practice complete pre delivery testing.

How do you ensure your website is finished to the standard needed to launch?

We recommend that anyone commissioning a new website system ensures an amount of the agreed price is retained for a set period to ensure all bugs are removed and the product is fully working when full and final payment is made. A 10% retention by the purchaser for 10 to 14 day period to allow full testing should be sufficient. Lets face it when buy a new house and you found when you switched the kitchen light on the lights upstairs came on you would want it fixing!

We can help

Here at we offer over the facility to test website systems and evaluate the way they work. If you are interested in this service please complete the form below.

Website Evaluation and Website Testing

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Website Evaluation Website Testing


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Website Evaluation Website Testing
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