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Website Hosting Contracts
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Website Hosting Contracts

Website Hosting Contracts

Ensuring that bit of cyberspace and its availability is so often overlooked, with the current economic climate pushing website design agencies and website development companies out of business we are continually being asked if we can assist with the recovery of a website from a collapsed company or from an individual who setup a web company only to find it was not for them.

Ensuring you have a website hosting contract in place wont save a website from disappearing off the internet by its self, but can go a fair way in ensuring in the event needed that the site can be recovered quickly and efficiently with the minimum of costs and losses.

We recommend the following is always considered and acted upon:

1: The site is backed up regularly

2: You have a copy of the back-up

3: A test install / recovery from back is performed

4: You have the rights to take the site to a third party hosting solution if needed

Assessing your risks for hosting can be time consuming and difficult to understand if you are unsure of the technicalities involved, but just because of that it does not mean without a business continuity plan everything will be fine. We at can help put the structure in pace to protect your online business and assess risks involved.

With the above in mind don’t just look for a hosting agreement contract but also a business continuity plan for your website business. is able to offer advice and assistance when considering an website hosting supplier and can even supply details of companies that we have checked and that prove there systems work! If you would like us to assist with your website hosting contract or the short listing of website hosting supplier please complete the form below.

Website Hosting Contracts

Website Hosting Contract Options
  • Download Website Hosting Contracts from the Internet
  • Commission Website Hosting Contracts to be produced by a legal expert
Where do I find the best supplier of Website Hosting Contracts?

The BIC site offers a listing of legal experts who specialise or have experience in delivering legal advice to online traders. You can find this listing .

Website Hosting Contracts

Downloading a generic Website Hosting Contracts has many business advantages one being cost as some Website Hosting Contracts are free as long as a credit by way of hyper link is placed on the page displaying the Website Hosting Contracts. Alternatively there are also low cost generic download options from many UK legal sites.

Commissioning a Website Hosting Contracts from a legal expert is the premium option available to online businesses, but with this option you do get Website Hosting Contracts tailored to your own online business requirements ensuring full protection of your business in relation to your Website Hosting Contracts obligations.

Further Website Hosting Contract Information

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Website Hosting Contracts

Website Hosting Contracts

Website hosting contracts are essential for companies who offer website hosting services or receive them.

Legal Disclaimer

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Website Hosting Contracts
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