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E-Commerce Consultants
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E-Commerce Consultants

E-Commerce Consultants

E-Commerce Consultancy is one of our biggest single areas that we work in mainly due to what has been the massive growth in online trade over the past 10 years in this sector, but also due to the amount of failed developments and shattered dreams where people have forgotten at times basic business practices and thrown investment, time and money at ideas, and business concepts without fully planning direction and strategy.

Unfortunately most of the time our first contact is with clients who have had a negative experience and are either looking for someone to manage their project through the development stages mostly by picking a failed project up and getting it back on track or looking to find a development company that can deliver after finding the one they contracted to cannot.

E-Commerce Consultants

In many of these circumstances no supply contracts are in place, no written specification documents and communication has broken down to such an extent that tactful persuasive pressure is the only way forward, if only to recover some funds or the work to date that has been completed. If you find yourself in one of these unfortunate circumstances and would like to talk to us about what we can do to assist your business please complete our online form below.

That said not everyone has had a bad experience some would like us to consult on ways to grow their website business and who they should consider using as suppliers and partners to do so. In these circumstances we not only can help you avoid any substandard suppliers, you can learn from our vast online ecommerce experience and benefit quickly from our contacts.

Sometimes its just easier having someone on your side especially if you don’t understand website software and what would be best as far as specifying your requirements, we will assist you to ensure your project has a plan and full specification that can be quoted for. We will also ensure that you have an full order document stating your requirements and delivery time scales in addition confirmation from the selected supplier that confirming this, we will also request penalty clauses to be put in place and a staged payment schedule based upon clear delivery points of the project.

To see what we at can offer why not complete the form below and let us demonstrate the benefits of our consultancy service.

Please complete the form below to inquire about our Consultancy Products and Services, if you can complete as much information as possible this will allow us to respond more efficiently.

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E-Commerce Consultants

E-commerce Consultants

E-commerce Consultants that understand what is needed for a successful E-commerce website from practicality, usability as well as security, see what we can offer.

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E-Commerce Consultants
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