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What is Social Media
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What is Social Media

What is Social Media

Social Media is growing at a faster rate than the Internet did when it was the same age! That is quiet a statement but true. Social media sites now account for the majority of all website traffic even out stripping Googles usage and that is something.

What is Social Media?

Social Media are basically websites that provide the ability to connect with other people and share information. The biggest Social network is Facebook followed by Twitter and LinkedIn.

What is Social Media and Facebook?

Facebook is by far the most popular Social Network, having expanded its features, functions and abilities it has evolved into for many the one stop Social Network solution.

What is Social Media and Twtter?

Twitter is surprising simple and basic in comparison to other Social Networks available with a small 140 character limit on all ‘tweets’ some would say the fact it is limited in functionality is part of its appeal.

What is Social Media and LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the social network for business people taking basic business networking to the next level.

There are other Social Networks available and constantly new ones being launched a recent example being Google+, none including Googles offering has seemed to have in roads into the main three’s market domination.

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What is Social Media

What is Social Media

What is Social Media the basics in a nice neat summary explaining what is Social Media

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What is Social Media
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