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Directory Benefits
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Directory Benefits

With so many web directories available to list on all promising additional traffic to your website choosing the correct directories to maximise you return on your budget is essential.

Ideally looking for additional benefits is best when selecting a web directory to list on especially if those benefits help and increase your websites natural rankings in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Benefits of listing on our directory

Standard Listing

Standard Listing includes;

Logo Full company name Full company address Full web address with link and title Contact information Up to 500 words of company information

Standard listings are available in exchange for one of the following:

1) £50 (24 month listing) 2) The BIC Web logo listed on your website with a text link and title 3) Sign up to our news and information email broadcasts

Premier listings are ideal for businesses who wish to promote their website and business and increase the number of high listings on the leading search engines for their company.

Premier Listings

Premier listing including;

Logo Full company name Full company address Full web address with link and title Contact information Up to 5 pages of information Up to 2,000 words of company information per page Up to 2 images per page Website review No third party advertising on pages Entry into the newsletter broadcast

Premier listings are available for the cost of £250

Multi-site Listings

Multi site listings work for businesses that have multiple websites or represent multiple websites owners and are looking for additional traffic generators and off site SEO.

Multi Site listings include;

10 x Premier listings

Multisite listings are available for the cost of £ 1000 for 24 months.

BIC Web decided that offering directory listings to fellow websites to assist with their rankings not only attracts visitors to our site but also provides us with an opportunity to bring all the businesses together in a free networking activity.


Directory Benefits


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Directory Benefits
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